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PAST (Preserving Arts and Skills of the Trades) PAST was formed in California in 1968. PAST studies the early trades and industries that made America. PAST discovers, identifies, preserves and exhibits old tools, implements and mechanical devices.At PAST Tool Shows, you can meet people with similar interests, find tools to add to your collections and talk to tool experts. PAST members receive four issues of TOOLTALK per year. Each issue is full of information about what's going on in the world of old tools. Be part of the PAST.
Making music with a carpenter's handsaw Natalia Paruz plays the MUSICAL SAW. History of the musical saw, saws that were made especially for music, sound clips, composers manual, CDs, poetry that mentions the saw, etc.
Links to Woodworking Web Sites
La Souche de nos Racines Non profitable environmental association to work on preserving the wood and other architectural heritage elements that come from the recycling of old residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings in the Haut-St. Francois region for sell and renovate architectural heritage places.
jerrybuilt.com A satirical home-improvement site. Join cartoon character "Jerry" and help to build an actual clubhouse online, by submitting ideas and voting on options. Post your "jerrybuilt" quick fixes, or cheap remedies on "Jerry's Pegboard Forum"
ilovewood.com Stephen Shepherd has a site that is all about exactly what the URL says. He loves wood! On his site you will find tons of information on the traditional tools and techniques of woodworking. He makes traditional wood finishes and these and plans are available for sale. He also makes hand tools which we carry in our store.
Furniture on the Internet Furniture on the Internet is an online gallery featuring home furniture and accessories made by craftsmen available online.
Emazing Woodworking Tip Of The Day Sign up in seconds to receive a free woodworking tip of the day in your email. You can also browse the archive of past tips. This is a great way to keep thinking about woodworking when you don't have as much time for your hobby as you would like.
Electronic Neanderthal Woodworking Web Sites This site was the primary reason it took so long for me to put up my own links page. They do the links very well. In addition they also list interesting books, toolmakers (some of whose tools we see or will sell in our museum store, list of events and lots of woodworking lore and information.
Build your own Baroque Lute Part of a large site with lots of information about lutes and bows for musical instruments. Including two digital courses for anyone who would like to make their own lute. FAQs on choice of woods for lutemaking and the use of hide glue for woodworking and lists of suppliers worldwide

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